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check switch fan

Hi! i want to monitor my 3com 4400 switch fan because of hard noise.
2 switches are on a windows 2000 server machine.
can i use an xp client to connect to the switch using the class 166... of the switch to use web interface?
can it create me problem with the actual class 192. of my intranet?
i think of no, but i want to be sure before proceed.
if the fan is the problem how can i resolve it? this type of switch are very expensive buying new one.
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Rob Williams
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You cannot monitor the fan through software. Replacing it is not common but most computer repair shops can do it for you. As rule they are a basic 12 volt fan similar to a video card heat sink fan, or earlier 486 processor fan.
3com usaully used a 40mm chassis fan. I've replace them before, with most 3Com designs the chassis cover is easily removed. Remove the cover and checkthe fans size. Internet search should give you a fan source however you will have to splice to the existing connector. If it's making noise then it's about to go - when the noise stops, the fan is siezed.
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if the fan stops working the switch dead or continue working?
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