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DHCP's scopes randomly losing scope ranges


Weird one running server 2003 in a large envrionment randomly some of the DHCP servers for some sites (3 in total so far) one or two scopes have lost their IP ranges.

What happens is you open the DHCP server and the affected scope will have a blue ! mark. If you check the scope stat's its at 0%.

If you expand the scope and go to its properties there is no IP range just for both start and end and the lease time is set to 0 days too.

Checked the event logs and their clean no errors pointing to database corruption. Have reacreated the scopes and some are ok but a few days later some have gone again. the scope remains its just that the IP range for distribution disappears.

Any help would be really appreciated
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Mark Walden
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Have you run the reconcile scope option.
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Yes sorry forgot to mention that
For windows DHCP servers, you have to authorize it as a DHCP server or it will shut down. Did you authorize them as DHCP servers?
All servers that are DHCP on the network are authorised
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Thanks ChiefIT exactly the problem I'm getting the hotfix from Microsoft