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How do I stop XP trying to install Document Viewer on boot? (Unsure how to use cleanup utility)

To my knowledge I have never tried/wanted  to install Document Viewer yet on boot now, I get an error because installer cannot find some component file. When I run the installer cleanup tool as suggested, I see the following

DocumentViewer[], and

Should both be removed? Is this as dangerous to other apps as the utility seems to say it is??
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what is the error message. Can you post a screen shot?
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I have attached the jpg of the screen shot.
I just used the system restore wizard to put the system back to where it was just after I installed ITunes. The problem has gone away so it clearly has something to do with my attempt to solve the crashes inherited with ITunes. I ran RegistryFixv3.0 for that purpose. It made things a little better for ITunes, but caused other major problems. I will prepare a separate question about ITunes