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Downgrade Mac OS X Server from 10.4.11 to 10.4.10

Is there any way to downgrade my Mac OS X Server 10.4.11 to 10.4.10 without loosing my data.

Please Advise,


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I can't reinstall, no downtime allowed!

Then you won't be able to roll it back.  Sorry for the bad news.
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I have "rolled back" on a non server from 10.4.11 to to 10.4.10 by applying the manual 10.4.10 dmg . I did it when 10.4.11 hosed my MBP. I had no problems with it after I did that. Eventually, I re-updated to 10.4.11 after a couple of months with a manual reapplication when the Apple boards said it was safer. So I do not know if this would work on a server but it did with the client version. What kind of problems did 10.4.11 bring? You might even want to consider a manual reapplication of 10.4.11  if your problems started after auto updater took you to 10.4.11.
ok, this is the deal...

I have a couple of Xserve's running as file servers in our Windows Domain-based environment. I binded this servers, and set them up as Domain members via Server Admin - Open Directory - Role: Connected to a Directory System. Everything looked fine, then by using the Workgroup Manager I enabled Share Points with Access Control List, so I could specify in Detail the access to certain folders and/or files. This worked fine until I got to 10.4.11 when for some reason after (let's say) assigning and saving Full Control access to the user1 from the Users & Groups List all I could see on the "User or Group" column of the ACL is some ID information with an exclamation mark and now the users are unable to access the files by using this permissions, and the only way I figured ( for now) to give them access is by allowing "everyone" to read & write which is not the way is required!

Any advise (see attached file)?

Thanks in advance!
Looks like the AD plugin is buggy in 10.4.11 ... this article looks promising  ... I'd be a little leary of trying to run the 10.4.10 combined update on a production server over the top of 10.4.11... it might work, but then again, it might mess up your computer
Your question was:  Is there any way to downgrade my Mac OS X Server 10.4.11 to 10.4.10 without loosing my data.  To which I answered "no".  You can't request to delete a question because you don't like the answer... Objection posted.
Force accepted.
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