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Using Crystal Reports

1.Having purchased the license of Visual Studio 2005 or 2008,is it necessary to purchase a license version of the Crystal Reports Tool ?Or are Crystal Reports a part of the Visual Studio?
2.I have two options of generating custom reports for my projects-either populate datagridview with data from my database or generate reports using crystal reports.Which option should I prefer?In general, what are the advantages(and disadvantages) of using Crystal Reports?
3.I don't know anything about how to use Crystal Reports Tool to generate reports.Please help.

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1.You mentioned that Crystal Reports are useful for "Complex Presentation needs". Complex presentations like...?
2.I have generated a report using datagridview. Now, I want to show that report in graphical format(graphs,charts,...).Are there graphics tool available in Visual C#.Net?How can I do it using C# coding?
Please provide sample codes.

Complex meaning more than you can do in a gridview - subreports, conditional totals, embedded formulas, charts, etc.

Yes, there are charting tools available for .Net - personally I use the Telerik reporting controls for charting or the Dundas charts components.  Both of these are commercial components however and aren't freely available.  Using them is beyond the scope of what can be covered in this forum - telerik provides a 450 page manual however on their site if you want to explore that.

If you want to use a chart with the report than Crystal is a good solution for you.  Please review the document I linked you to - everything you need to know is in this walkthrough.  If you have a specific question I'm happy to try to help but I can't teach you Crystal in this forum.
I have heard that GDI+ in C#.Net is for Graphics.Am I right?Can I create graphs,charts using GDI+ ?
Sorry, I have no experience with GDI+ so I can't help you there...