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Internet images displayed randomly

We have a number of client machines running either XP Pro or Vista Business off a SBS 2003 Std Edt server. The XP Pro workstations browse the Internet fine, however all of the Vista workstations have problems displaying images when browsing the Internet and on html e-mails. When browsing a website some of the images will download the first time, the next time they won't but others will which didn't download the first time. We have tested a couple of laptops off site and they drowse fine.... until they're back in the office and logged onto the SBS server. I am convinced the clients are OK but as the XP Pro machines are also ok it must be Vista/SBS issue. The server isn't running SP1 - is this a must for Vista? Any help appreciated.
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I take it your using ISA server on the SBS box?
Service pack three is the latest service pack for ISA server.
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The client is not using ISA server. Are there any other updates necessary for Vista?
Are they using any other proxy software then because if they are not then the browsing is completely down to vista and the only updates you would need to apply would be on the vista machines.. service pack one for vista is out shortly wether that will ehlp or not Im not sure. What version of internet explorer are they using, thats the first place to look for updates.
They're not using any other proxy software. If it's down to Vista, why would it work everywhere else except on the domain. The Vista machines are up-to-date (except SP1) but I'm also doubtful that will make any difference. They're using IE7 but it could be worth trying another browser???
Its definately worth trying firefow as a browser if only to pinpoint the cause of the problem.
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