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Configuring a cisco router 871 with a DSL modem

Im new in this, I had configured a Windows 2000 server as a DNS in my private network. I would like to conect now the router 871. My first step was enetring thtoug sdm software and changed the password and I wastrying to configure the first ethernet connection. My question is, If the riuter has dhcp enabled should I disabled in the server? how can I design my network...
PLease I need help!!
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Which part of the 871 do you need to configre, the ADSL or the LAN?
You will prob want to configre the LAN interface with a static ip if it is acting as a gateway. The ADSL configurtion will depend strongly on what your provider requires.

Here is a link to a forum thread regarding a config:
Don't forget VPI and VCI settings for your country.
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yes I need my cisco will be as a router, but I need too configre it as a vpn conection I have a public ip address with the subnet and gateway. Should I first configure with the static ip addrees as you said and then make the conection?
It depends on whether the IP address is assigned by your ISP using DHCP or whether your connection is Layer 3.

Most ISPs these days will assign static IPs using DHCP, I would advised checking with them to see how it is setup.
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I've been working with Cisco engineers and they helped me to configure the router as a gateway with a
static ip address, now my question is if I had a public ip address for this roter how am I nconfigure my DNS in windows 2000? Could you help me?
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