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Calendar syncronization between domino and exchange

Hello experts!

I am looking for some kind of system that can syncronize calendar data between domino and exchange. I am not interested in the free/busy lookups. We have migrated to exchange 2007 but have our time reporting system located on domino. And it depends on calendar data.

Anyone having any idea?

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Calander Connector was usesd for Exchange 2003 and it appears MS has change the name of the tools for 2007.

The following link can help with how the new tools have been modified.

MS Link for the Transporter Tool.

I have not used the 2007 tools, but was just helping someone recently with removing their 2003 tool since they were no longer using their Lotus server and remembered these bits of information.
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we used transporter suite and quest but thats only one way migration ( domino - e2007 )  Free/busy works but does not solve our problem.  We want to book in our outlook/exchange calendar and have that information syncronized in domino.  I know that domino has tools for data migration but thats not what i am after either =)
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thx, thats what i thought. The solution i decided to use is dirty but it works.  We have xtend connect running on everyones citrix session and syncs the calendar between the clients every 15 min.

Not the best solution but it works ( the domino is out after summer )