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Set up Auto-Reply on a functional mailbox

I have a user who has a functional mailbox set up inside her Outllook 2003. She wants it so that any mail delivered to this functional mailbox has an auto-reply going out upon receiving. I tried to use Rules and alerts but they only affect mail coming to her mailbox, not the functional mailbox. How can I set this up so that every mail that comes to that box replies to the send with a specified message?
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Can you explain what a functional mailbox is and how it is set up in her outlook 2003.  Are there nonfunctional mailboxes as well?  Is she using exchange or pop or some thing else?
what do you mean by "I have a user who has a functional mailbox set up inside her Outllook 2003."

if you mean she has another mailbox mapped into her profile folder list - create a profile that has that mailbox as primary, and set your rules up there

If it is just another folder that she routes mail to - then she will need to keep Outlook open at all times as server-side rules only work when no client-side resources are required
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