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change internal ip address so that i can manage it at


need change the internal ip address of a cisco 506e from to  how can i do this?  when i change the address i loose connection to the device and cannot access it.  however i can ping  when i turn it off then back on again it reverts back to  How can i change this so that i can access the management interface at ?  Also, how can i telnet to the device?

Can you provide fairly step by step answers as i am new to this.

Many thanks

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What version of code are you running? The syntax is a bit different on different versions.

It looks like you are accessing it via the PDM or ADSM and have figured out how to change the interface IP.

What is your IP?
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I also had to wipe the dhcp range even though it was disabled, but it went through after that.  Thanks.