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How to create a internal address for owa ?

I recently took over at a company so I know very little about the previous setup.

However we have migrated Exchange from the AD server to a seperate box.

After doing this I would like to setup the OWA url the same as it was before the migration.

The old url for internal and external access was
The old url is working correctly for external access however internal it wont work unless i use the url


To make things even more strange the AD server can still use the old url to access owa however no other computers on the network can.

im stumped as to where this is hidden I have already checked the hosts file but they are empty not sure where else to look on this one

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add a new DNS A record for the alias you want to use to contact your OWA internally

Use NSLookup and point to your internal DNS (AD). Try looking up external URL. If it's not working you either need to add the record or have your internal DNS using your external DNS as a forwarder
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After adding the A record I still get
Error: Access is Denied.

from the owa website not sure if I am missing so
are you logging on with domain\username?
did you add the host header to your IIS config on that server?
hmmm.  Might need a little hand holding on that one? Not sure where to add that.
in iisadmin

default website properties
web site

from there you can add a new identity

enter the host header information for your new domain

that should work

Still get access denied when trying to connect locally to the  from the outside in it works perfectly
Then you didn't check with nslookup. The DNS is the key to solve this.
when I check with nslookup  i get the external address
you need to set the alias up on an internal dns server - not your externally facing one
Ok So i got it setup so that its pointing to the right address now but I still recieve this  access denied error message when i use the  but i get right thru when using http://servername/exchange

if i try from an external PC to the that works
 just fails to authenticate locally for whatever reason still
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