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VS 2005 Publish

I'm using the Publish option in VS 2005 to bulid a folder that contains all of the files required to deploy my web site on my web server.  The Publish option creates a BIN folder in the folder that is created that contains the DLL's

I've simply copied all of the files in the Publish folder to my web site folder on the web server.  I'm getting an error that indicates the web site cannot find the compiled DLL's.

Is there anything I need to do to point the web application to the DLL's in the BIN folder?
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I've looked in the Publish folder and cannot find any MSI or EXE files.  Could the MSI file be saved somewhere else?
It also depends on what kind of deployment you use.  Try creating a virtual directory in IIS at the location you need.
you should upload pages themselves ,not bin contents only.
upload all  files in published folder.