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Windows XP Setup hangs at "Welcome to Setup" screen

I am trying to boot from an OEM Windows XP Home SP2 CD.  The PC is a Compaq Presario 5320US (P4 1.5GHz, ROM v. 3.04, which is the latest), which came with Win XP installed.  Booting from the Windows CD is fine, but when it gets to the "Welcome to Setup." screen, the CPU fan revs up very fast, and pressing Enter, "R" or F3 (Continue, Recovery Console, and Quit, respectively) does nothing (I waited maybe 5-10 minutes before shutting down).  I at first thought the new RAID card I installed was causing the problem, but taking it out does not make a difference.

There is a similar case here in E-E at but he was able to at least get a response after pressing Enter, so that doesn't apply here.
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I should also say that I did reset the ROM settings to their defaults, and that did not change matters.
This indicates a overheating issue - it sounds like that the CPU gets to a certain temperature - and freezes.
Of course - this could be memory-related - or a hard disk issue equally.

Test your hard disk:
And your memory:
> This indicates a overheating issue - it sounds like that the CPU
> gets to a certain temperature - and freezes.

CPUs (P4s specifically), in my experience, don't get to a certain (high) temperature, stay at that temperature for an extended time, and then continue to work.  Either the PC shuts off immediately if the core temp rises to high (e.g. the heat sink is not applied properly), or the safely shutoff is broken, and then the CPU fries and you see a nice little wisp of smoke rising from the mobo. :^)  So the fan is doing its job, I believe - there is just much CPU activity.

> Of course - this could be memory-related - or a hard disk issue equally.

I have not had any RAM-related problem with the PC in its 4+ years of use, and this problem happens with no hard drives in the PC.  But I will give the RAM testing a shot, just to be rigorous.
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> you didn't originally say that you had an Intel CPU

I did - P4 1.5GHz.  Check the original post.

> if you have no hard disk - setup does freeze at the "Welcome to Setup" screen

It shouldn't - it should report there are no available disks in the system. (I have seen that situation.)
Yes - apologies for that.
I should have said - "Windows setup can freeze" - but normally doesn't.

It seems that you have all the answers already. I will not be participating in this question any further.
Just a possibility, do you have sata drives?  If so, with the sata drives installed, can you press F6 to enter the drivers?  I have read where not installing the sata drivers can cause this issue.
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try another XP cd, or a copy of it, it can be bad.
check also if you can run from another live cd (something "may" be bad) like knoppix :      Knoppix                                     BartPe
> Just a possibility, do you have sata drives?

There is 1 PATA drive, and I am trying to move to a RAID 1 setup w/ SATA drives.  Both with and without the RAID card installed, and with and without loading the proper drivers (Pressing F6) at the beginning of the WIn CD boot, it fails the same.
You mentioned you would swap out the memory in an above post... Have you tested to see if maybe the RAM is bad?

If you are using a USB keyboard/ mouse try PS2.

You have already done the majority of troubleshooting yourself.
I ran memtest and all was ok there.  Already using PS/2 K/M.  I reran the case where the PATA drive was connected and I switched to the other optical drive in the PC (there are 2, a DVD-ROM and CD-RW) and that allowed the Windows Setup to continue.  But when I took off the PATA drive, it hung again. So I guess the Windows Setup does sometimes crap out if there are no (recognized) HDs attached.  Weak.  Well, looks like it's off to the the RAID mfgr's tech support...