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Cannot Add Users to OCS 2007


I am not able add users to fresly installed OCS 2007.
the server is up and running, However in AD I dont see any option at all to enable or activate or allow that user to add to OCS 2007. So that user can start using communicator.
AD and OCS 2007 are on different physical server, on LAN.

Ay advice will much appreciated.

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Is the AD running on a 64bit server? And the OCS 2007 32bit server?
You need to make the changes on the OCS 2007 server starting the dsa.msc.
Or you can try and start the DSA on the 64bit server in 32 bit mode: dsa.msc -32
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every things on 32 bit.
In AD thrs no option on the user to add them to OCS
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however, the communicator is still moaning about cannot sync outlook contacts.
I have applied outlook 2007 hotfix from microsoft updates site.
Any idea ?
Can you post the error from OCS client?
Is he moaning about Address Book Service?
It says :
Cannot Synchronize with the corporate address book. This may be because the proxy server settings in your web browser does not allow access to the address book. If the problem persists contact your system administrator.

we use ISA Server 2006 as out proxy server and default gateway on a sperate server.
OCS 2007 is on a different box and AD is on a different box.
The Address Book Service (ABS) is a small web component in OCS2007. It needs an SSL certificate.

First check the connectivity with the validation wizard in OCS2007:
- Open the Office Communications Server 2007 management console
- Expand to the server that is running the web components
- Select the FQDN of the server (
- On the right you see available tasks --> validation. Expand
- Select Web Components Server and complete the wizard. If it fails with errors on connectivity, you probably see that IIS default web site needs a valid certificate even if you do NOT require SSL on the ABS component. In that case submit a request to an internal or external CA and install the certificate on the default web site (using the button 'server certificate...' on the directory security tab. See post from Microsoft also:

Hope this helps for you.
You are guru !!!
Certificates sorted it.

One last thing..
In OUTLOOK 2007 if i click on the round ball next to user, its shows a menu, wher first option says presence unknown, shouldn't it should green color ball next to user name, if the user is online.
Yes, it should be a green ball if the user is online and if the user is a contact in the OCS client
Maybe they aren't each other contact yet?
Hi Ron, did you solve your problem?
Ron did you get your initial problem with adding users to OCS resolved from Active Directory?  

Just to help you that you're not alone, we here are also having the same outlook address book syncing issues.  Very frustrating as I've tried most of the troubleshooting steps shown here on EE and other places on the web to no avail.  So you're not in that boat alone. =)

We just finished our install and are having issues as well. We have a 2008 DC w/ 64 bit O/S. We're running Exchange 2007, and our Secondary DC is a 2003 32bit machine.

Now we can see the Communication tab within AD on the backup DC but not on our primary DC which is the 2008 64 bit machine. I believe the problem lies within the primary DC not having this feature enabled. Any ideas?
My domain controllers and Exchange 2007 are Windows Server 2003 32-bit boxes.  My OCS 2007 is on a 64-bit Windows Server 2003 box.  Running dsa.msc -32 on the OCS 2007 box gave the needed options.  Thanks!
dsa.msc -32 does not work on my Windows 2008 64 bit OSC server.

I have a SBS 2008 Server Running Exchange 2007 and a Virtual machine running 2008 Std with OSC 2007.

dsa.msc -32  does nothing.....