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Compare two tables and convert NULL values to zero


I have two tables showing inventory movement transactions across a network. Table 1 (tblSent) contains date, job no and a count of the part numbers associated with the job no. Table 2 (tblReceived) contains Date, Job No and a count of the part numbers associated with the jobn no.

Some of the transactions are getting lost across the network and I want to identify those.

I want to build a query that compares the two tables giving date, job no, number of parts sent, number of parts received.

I want the result to feature all lines from tblSent and where that job no doesn't appear in tblReceived for the query to return a zero

Any advice gratefully received,
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select * from tblsent where jobno is NULL
select * from tblreceived where jobno is NULL

The above should provide you with data where the jobno is NULL.

select * from tblsent where jobno not in (select jobno from tblreceived)

The above will return rows from tblsent where there is no corresponding entry in tblreceived.