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installing Classic ASP

i want to run some asp application that work with Mysql- i got asp files and need to install the asp to run on my windows...
where i can find a good video tutorial for this

some thing  like this

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Classic ASP is installed as part of Internet Information Services, which can be installed from the Add/Remote Windows Components option (in the Add/Remove programs dialog box)
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where in the iis i can install the ASP?
tigermatt said it best:

>>> Classic ASP is installed as part of Internet Information Services

Install IIS, and you are installing ASP.  The link I posted provides instructions for how to do it.  I would recommend you look at it.
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you want to say that if i got IIS installed i can double click on any *.asp file and run it?
No.  If you have IIS installed, and ASP has been enabled, then any ASP page served by your web server will run as coded.

When you double-click on an ASP file locally, that file will be opened by the default handler specified in Windows.  For ASP, it could be FrontPage, or a text editor, or whatever else.  Instead of double-clicking on a file, you would browse to it through your local server:

What version of Windows are you running?  If you are running 2000, 2003 or XP Pro you can simply install IIS, if you want to run IIS on XP it can be done but requires a little work, I did this last year on a OEM laptop for script testing prior to upgrading it to Pro.  Rade here, for details.
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