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Navigating to contiguous pages

Dear people,

I have a mysql table named questions with two fields. One field is called question and the other keyword. So far I have 3 questions in there:
Keyword - question
Colour  whats your favourite colour?
Age- hold old are you?
Name  whats your name?

I have 3 php pages called page_colour.php, page_age.php and page_name.php
In each of these pages I would like to have an arrow to the left and an arrow to the right in order to navigate to the pages that are not the one Im viewing & 
How can I do that?? I am lost :(

Thanks a lot in advance!
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sounds a lot like you are seeking a simple link in html... something like

<a href="page_colour.php> Previous </a>
This page: page_age.php
<a href="page_name.php"> Next </a>

If this is not it, maybe you can rephrase it so we get a better idea...
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If you wanted to add, say 10 pages or something, you could set up your pages array differently to be numeric:

$pages = array(1=>'page_colour.php', 2=>'page_age.php') etc...

Then instead of using the $i as a counter, you'd see what number the current page is in the array list and show the one just before it and just after it.  If this is what you're after, that's the way I do it.
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Thanks! I had to do it in this way!