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File Transfer Options LAN, Serial, USB or eSATA

I'm in the process of retiring 2 win 2k3 servers, both of which are file servers.  One contains about 25GB of data the other about 115GB.  I'm looking into the best possible way to move the data.  My first attempt was to map the drives via the LAN then write a script to transfer the data using xcopy over the weekend, but only 25% of the data made it.  The servers are not SATA, so I can't just plug a drive in and copy.  What I was considering:

1. Serial Connection - I'd trust a serial connection over a TCP/IP LAN connection.  I had an issue when i created the host serial connection, seems TCP/IP connections to my shares dropped out.  Granted I'm not going to be transferring this data while they are being used, but we can't have these connections go down.  How fast is a serial connection compared to USB 1.1?
2.I have a USB/eSATA enclosure that could house the the drive and connect to the old servers via USB 1.1 (yes these are OLD), and then just pop the drive into the new unit.
3. Try xcopy again over the LAN.  Here is the command for one drive:

net use L: \\x.x.x.x\d$
xcopy L:\*.* e:\ /e /c /g /r /x /y

Any suggestions?
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Any error or dialog when the network copy fails?

I would just physically remove the drive form one of the machines and place it as a slave in the other for the performance and consistency of the transfer.  This will also ensure that the files you are copying from aren;t in use, which could also be the problem.
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The issue with physically moving the drives is that they are SCSI in a RAID 5, and the new unit is SATA and SAS.  I'd imagine it's pretty tough to move an entire array. I'm wondering logistically how I can find the time to have the shares down without causing complete chaos, this is why the batch file seemed like such a good idea.  
As for errors, the script ran over the weekend and when I returned the unit was at the log in screen.  There were no errors listed.  It does look like the machine restarted on it's own due to a automatic update.  Interestingly enough I'm transferring from two machines, each was set up to transfer on different days and neither fully transferred,
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I'll take a look into those tools.  Funny thing I never even thought about it, but I do do a weekly full and daily incremental backup of the servers using the windows backup, and these go to an external eSATA drive.  May consider just attempting to restore those on the new server.  Also I was considering popping an IDE drive in and doing it that way, I think I actually have some lying around the office.  Thanks for all the info!