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How Can I Prevent ITunes Freezing and Crashing XP Pro?

I installed ITunes but it frequently crashes and freezes the whole system. Example: I start ITunes, load a CD, wait a long time for the track names to come back so I stop the search.  ITunes is frozen and can ony be killed with Task Manager. It will not restart without rebooting the system. No error messages appear. OR, the import is successful, but ITunes freezes when the CD is ejected. What can I do to solve these problems?
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The first thing to do would be to uninstall and reinstall iTunes
Next make sure all your hardware drivers are up to date (sound and disk controlers are importent here)

Moving on check your event log for any events from around the time of the crash and post them here.

If you have WIn XP Firewall active it may be interfering with ITunes to gather the album information.
The same applies to any Firewall, you need to grant access to ITunes in your Firewall
I normally don't use ITunes to import a CD, I prefer Windows Media Player and make the files MP3 and I haven't got any problems.

I use Zone Alarm and have granted access permits to ITunes & WMP
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I updated Windows Media Player to version 11 and the problem went away..Weird
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My mistake and I aplogize, I didn't check to see if the question was closed. So I went to fast.
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iTunes freezing:
iTunes latest version installed on Windows XP Home w/SP2 fully updated, 3GHz CPU, 128MB nVidia Video Display Adapter and 2048MB RAM.
Note: When iTunes is installed it also installs the following programs:
- Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple Software Update, Bonjour, iPod Service and QuickTime.
Contacted Apple Tech Support regarding iTunes freezing.
They suggested removing services that could affect iTunes.
We found the only program running that caused iTunes to lockup was there own Apple product - Bonjour.
This I stoppod from running in Services.
Start > Run > MSCONFIG > Services > removed check from Bonjour services.