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New to ACT, need best practice recommendation for 6 user network install

I have been asked to purchase and install a network version of ACT 2008 for our small marketing/sales department.  I have never used ACT before and trying to find a network installation guide/idocumentation is next to impossible. (Probalby because they want to you to pay a consultant).  I am installing on a 2003 server (which should be the master DB), and on 6 workstations.  If I understand it, every user has their own database which the sync service synchs at an interval.  So, for the initial setup/config, do I install on a users workstation, let them create/customize the database and then copy that database to the server and every other workstation so they all sync?  

Sorry if I seem like I have no idea of what I am doing, but I don't.  Any and as much info will be greatly appreciated.
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