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Deploy .dll .net 2.0 -- Could not load assembly . . . Access Denied

Hello Experts,

I am having trouble with the concept of deploying a .dll for a web applicaiton .NET 2.0.  I found a great .NET control for populating a news scroll here: I downloaded the .dll and added it to my VS2005 project and it works fine.  However, I've had no luck trying to deploy it on my webserver.

Currently, I am receiving the following error: "Could not load file or assembly 'aspnetcs_NewsScroller' or one of its dependencies. Access is denied."

I created a bin directory in the root of my application and placed the .dll in it.  No luck.  I've downloaded the source code and strongly typed the .dll (a concept I don't grasp) and dropped it into the GAC, still no luck.

How/Where do I place this .dll so that it can be referenced from an aspx page like so:
<%@ Register Assembly="aspnetcs_NewsScroller" Namespace="WildStorms" TagPrefix="ws" %>

Thanks for you help.
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the problem is with the it says "Access is denied."

see the security settings for the virtual directory and the sub directories pointed by virtual directory( eg bin)
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It was that easy!  Thanks.

I'll do more research on .dlls and how to deploy.