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Need help creating local users on domain computers.

I need to create a local user on all of my computers in my Active Directory domain.  These computers are running XP SP2.  I need a script, batch file, GPO, or some other means to do it as painless as possible.  I don't need to worry about the group membership.  I have that part covered.

I have tried using WMI via VBS.  I have also tried using a batch file using the net user /add command with no luck.  I keep getting an "access denied" even though I'm running this as a Domain Admin on the computer.

If I run the command from a command prompt "net user Joe_Dirt StinkyPants123 /add"  (Joe_Dirt being username and StinkyPants123" being the password, the command completes successfully, and I have a new local user account.  BUT, if I put this command in a batch file, it comes up with a "System Error 5 has occurred" which is a permissions issue.  I don't know why it will work when running the command manually at a command prompt, but it won't do it running via a batch file even though I'm using a Domain Admin account to run each.  I get similar "Access Denied" errors when running vbscripts as well.

Please NOTE:  I need a LOCAL user on a DOMAIN computer.  These are not Domain users even though they are logged into a domain.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks in advance!
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Have you tried lg.exe, from  Awesome freeware piece to create/manage local users/groups, often succeeds where the net * commands let me down.
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The LG.exe program only manages groups.  I do not need to manage groups.  I need to add a local user account to the computer.  I don't care about group membership with the relation to this question.  I can take care of the group via the GPO's Restricted Groups.

I want to create a user "LocalPC\Joe_Dirt" not "domain\Joe_Dirt".
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