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IIS 7 - cannot view webpags under https

I have a website where users login to view various membership information.  I have certain pages which require a secure conenction.  In the page load of each page I replace http with https to force a secure conenction and then to redirect.  

For some reason if I use just https at the beginning of the path it errors back that the page cannot be displayed.  If I remove the secure restriction and just use http I everything works just fine.

I created a self signing certification in iis 7 and created a bound https to port 443 but it still does not work.

PNayone know what the problem might be?
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What is the specific error? Are there any other HTTPs sites on the server?
What is the code you use to do the redirect?

If it isn't properly written to handle an initial request using HTTPS it may be redirecting improperly.

Dave Dietz
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