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Configure Dual NIC's


I have a Dell Poweredge 1900 server running Server 2003R2. There is an on board Broadcomm NIC and an additional dual port Intel Pro 1000 NIC.

I have a cable Internet connection running through a Linksys router to port one of the Intel Pro NIC. I have a T1 connection running into the Broadcomm NIC from a Netopia router. When I do an 'ipconfig' it reports both connections correctly. I can link to my other computers via the Linksys so all is well with that.

Here's my problem...

When I have both of these connections 'enabled' & check the IP address that is being reported to the Internet, it always shows the cable connection (through the Linksys). If I disable the cable connection NIC, the IP address reports the T1. I've tried just about everything I can think of...moving cables, disabling & enabling, etc. but I still have the same problem. Firewalls are disabled.

 What do I need to do to have the T1 being recognized across the Internet without disabling the cable connection?

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Michael Worsham
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1) What Netopia make/model # are you using?
2) What Linksys make/model # are you using?
3) Are you running DHCP on either Linksys or Netopia routers?
4) Do you have the routing environment setup as fail-over, load balancing or round-robin?
Remove the gateway on the NIC that is connected to cable and make sure the gateway is set correctly on the NIC that is going to T1.  This way any traffic that is going outside your network will go through the T1 NIC and should have that IP associated with it.

You can try changing the order of preference on the NICs (Right click my network places->Properties and then advanced->advanced settings) and see if this helps.

I've never tried it out though.
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The cable is running through a Linksys BEFSR81v3 router using DHCP. The T1 is running through a Netopia 4622XL-T router. The Netopia is supposedly set up with three DHCP assigned addresses & two 'static'. Not trying to to any failover or loadsharing.

Like I said take the gateway off the NIC that is connected to the Linksys router and all outbound traffic will go through the Netopia

Hi eb,

Well, I understand what you are syaing, but when I look at the dual NIC properties, there is no gateway specified. When I look at the TCP/IP properties, it shows 'Obtain IP Address Automatically' with all fields 'ghosted' and 'Use the following DNS Server Address' with If I click on advanced IP settings, it shows only 'DHCP Enabled'.

Am I looking in the wrong place?

One thing you might want to consider, especially if this is for a business environment, is to have a business class router that has connection redundancy/load balancing capabilities in place since you have both T1 and cable Internet lines.

Linksys RV082:
Since this is a server it SHOULD NOT have dynamic IP setup.  You should have a static IP assigned for this computer.

Also the DNS pointing to is incorrect.  If this computer is a DC the DNS should point to the actual IP of the server (Same as the IP of that NIC).

Thanks, I'll check it out.

The way it was explained to me, all of the IP's at this T1 router are 'static'. Two of them are 'fixed' and the other three are assigned by DHCP. I was told that even those assigned by DHCP will not change like a 'standard' dynamic address will. Maybe I've been misinformed?

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