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Can't uninstall BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.1.0

I have a Blackberry Enterprise server that routes mail to about 10 sales people

I have a user who is constantly getting new BlackBerry Devices. He uses Blackberry desktop manager to sync his BalckBerry with his Outlook contacts. His laptop has had many versions of BlackBerry Desktop manager on it.

In an attempt to clean up his laptop and get the latest BlackBerry Desktop software on his machine I was unable to unistall an older version.

The unistall routine from add-remove programs keeps looking for BalckBerry 7130e.msi that must of once resided ina temp file in the users documents and setting folder.

 I do not have this file and can't find it anywhere. The version is

i need to get rid of this becuase when i Install the lates software and run it it still attempts to launch the old software and it eventualy stops responding.

Any help is much appresciated.

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