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SQL Server Function

Hey folks...I've been trying to figure this out for days...

In on table I have a column with a series of id's passed in all in one column.  A 3 digit number followed by a space. There can be any number or combo of these strings in col2
col1         col2
(info)       111 222 123 345 999

in another table I have two columns where each id is a 3 digit #
colID         AmnName
111          Suite
222          Pool
123          Fine Dining

I need to be able to do a select so that I get
col1        col2
(info)      Suite,   Pool, Fine Dining    
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I believe angelll has a really good function for doing something like this....
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Do you have a link to it?  he supplied me an answer but it's not returning what I want and I have no follow-up from him.
I posted  a link to this thread to him....I dont' have a link to it or I would post it for you.  Its a neat little function that takes params and pivots them to a column list.  Id write it for you right now, but since he already has it you can just use his.
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dbo.ParmsToList, that is the one.  :)
Maybe I'm just having a bad day...I create the function and
I'm getting
Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 2
Invalid object name 't2'.

use databasename
select t1.resort,dbo.TranslateAmenities(t1.amenities)
from dbo.tblSpecials t1
>Maybe I'm just having a bad day.
no. but you did not specify any table names, so I named them t1 and t2, just fill in what you need.

As always...thank you VERY much.
You must be one of the very best exoerts.  Thanks a ton.