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Cannot display some web page images properly

Ok, here is a mystery. At some point I was using the Color Tweek tool to soften the bright white of my display and inadvertently changed more than I thought. I'm now lost and cannot figure how to recover.

Some web pages, including the home page for EE will not display the graphics or most line art making navigation difficult to impossible. I've reinstalled IE7 too - nothing.

I've refreshed the sRGB file used by Color Management Interface - nothing. I've reset all IE7 options, including those for color - nothing. Interestingly I cannot display color fill or patterns in Excel either.

I'm blaming the tweek tool but I cannot find anywhere in the CMI documentation that suggests this would be a problem. This is the default sRGB.cmi file and to be certain I've also reloaded it from the download area in the CMI home at

All suggestions appreciated.
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Jason C. Levine
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Hi vinson-daly,

1) Can you post a screen shot for posterity?

2) Have you tried rolling back to a previous restore point before the tweak was installed?
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Jason - Attached is a copy of what I 'm seeing. The roll-back idea is one I had not considered but I will see what happens. Thanks for the reply!
Sorry, the problem is creating an issue for me to send a screen shot. I can't find the button. However, the home screen is predominately white with a spattering of stuff around the page.
Okay, let me know if the rollback works.
The rollback did not work. Perhaps it's part of my personal settings, I did find the button for attachments though and uploaded the screen shot.
Interesting.  It actually looks like you're blocking all CSS and that would remove all of the images and line art.  Can you download FireFox and see if the behavior persists in a different browser?
Tried that too, but no joy.
What OS is this?  I'm thinking that we need to get the Zones on this question changed to be OS specific as the problem really is there.  I can ask someone to do it quickly and resend notifications.
Sounds good to me, thanks!!
Sorry, Windows XP Professional SP2
Okay, I'll put in a request.

Just out of curiosity, what happens if you switch to the Expert skin?
I'm not sure how I do that. I can't see it so far.
Found it, but no real change! See attached.
Well, that's better in the sense that I can now see two things:

1) It's definitely images that are being blocked.

2) The site should be more functional for you now while we figure things out.
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Merete - I completely forgot I had checked this and would have never suspected it would cause this behavior. I was really pulling my hair out over it. You are a life saver! Thank you so much!
Geez I love this site! Thanks to all for taking the time to help me.
you're welcome  :)