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NTP, Network Time issue....

Ok so we had some time issues this morning resulting from the DST change, however I am unable to narrow it down as to what actually went wrong.  But this specific question revolves around the "net time" command.  On my servers here, when I run that command it pulls time information from a DC at one of my field sites.. not the main DC here.  I have followed the instructions on a Microsoft KB Article : However I cannot get the results of net time to change.  I was also told to check the logonserver for my users.. to make sure that my userbase was not being authenticated by that same field DC.. and they're not.

Any help would be appreciated.
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What do you get if you type: NET TIME /querysntp

You can use these command to give the DC some Internet time sources:
NET TIME /setsntp:""
net stop w32time
net start w32time
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Thanks but configuring the time source isnt the problem.. I'm actually using as my external source.  I think the problem lies somewhere either in the default GPO or somewhere that would affect the "pushing" of the NTP info to all clients.  For laptop right now is using not my local DC.  

Well in addition to my issue stated in the original question.  Even then the setting of external sources wouldnt change the fact that my servers are using my AZ locations DC as the NTP source.. or at least I wouldnt think so.
Yes, it could be a GPO setting, are there any time settings in the "Default Domain" policy, or in the "Default Domain Controller" policy? You can view these settings with gpmc.msc:
In both the Default Domain and the DC policies.. the time parameters we all "Not Configured"..
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Yes I do know which server has that role.. and I do have some weird AD issue that I have not been able to sort out yet.  But that requires a new Question ;)