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when compinling how to avoid the "web site validation"?


i have a project that i moved from .NET 2003 to .NET 2005.
my project is made out of a web application and several projects that
permit my webapp to communicate with db, sort of logical layers.

first time i opened my projects with .NET 2005, my projects was changed, updated,
a new folder was created "App_code", .NET_2005 moved also some files to that new folder.

when i compile my solution in .NET 2005, it takes more time that it use to take
when i was working with .NET 2005.
the part  that takes very much time is the "validating web site",   this part takes time even when i didnt change a
single line to the web project.

what can i do in order to have my web-application project to compile as fast as it was when working on VS 2003?
can i avoid this validation that takes long time?
thanks for all your tips.
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