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Server beeps incessantly about once a second - starting from Windows boot

Hi Experts,

I have a Server running SBS 2003.

It seems to be functioning ok but is beeping incessantly about once a second.

It just started doing this a few days ago.
I could not find any erroring applications and there did not seem to be anything obvious in the event logs.

 I tried closing busy non critical processes. Then warm reboot. Then cold reboot. No joy. It still starts beeping as windows boots up.  

Any thoughts as to the next steps to isolate the problem?

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Rob Williams
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Can be your UPS battery is dead, or hardware raid configuration has a bad drive. Neither will show up in the O/S unless you have monitoring software for the defective component.
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Thanks, Rob, for the suggestions.

I am remote from the Server and will not be near it for a few days.
We do have a UPS, but do not run RAID.

It would be good to have a list of things to check for when I can be in the Server room.

Thanks, DrDave242,  Yes, we do use the DynDNS Updater service.

One other thought; some servers also have built in sensors for things such as overheating due to a bad fan, or other motherboard connected components.
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What brand Server is it? If it is Dell or HP (maybe same for others, but am sure of these two!) they should have management software installed that you can log into via a local webpage and check the hardware. It is likely that you have something simple like a flat CMOS battery or something silly like that that may need replacing. The hardware page of the management software should be able to tell you if there are any hardware faults.

It may have also added errors/warnings to the application or system log so check them too.
Yes, DrDave242, it was the DynDNS Updater service doing the beeping.