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Replace in Person document - with one from another PC - with known password.


I have forgotten the password for the ID file in the person document. How can I replace it with the ID file on a memory stick?

When I install notes on a new PC it is using the ID file attached to the person document.

I would like to use the ID file from the old PC however I don't seem to get this option during the first time start-up wizard process.
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Felix Grushevsky
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fgrushevsky is correct.
You can use an older  ID file from file system.

Afterwards, it is good to synchronize id-s by sending your old ID to administrator for re-certifying.
An old ID will need recertififcation anyway in future.

If, for some reason, the password checking option will be turned on on server side, then you will have trouble with old ID and password.
Usually it's OK to use old one.
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I find it odd that you still have the ID in the directory, it normally gets removed on flirst client sign-in. It is generally NOT a good security practive to store them in t he directory at all.