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Child Domain

I am considering creating a child domain.  My manager wants me to create a child domain using only one server (no 2nd dc for fault tolerance due to $).  I can restore from system state if the server crashed, but I am wondering what other procedures would be best.

Example:  One method suggested online is to demote the server, reinstall the OS, and then promote it back to a dc.

Would I be able to demote the server if the child domain had nowhere else to go until the server was rebuilt?  Would I be able to promote the fixed & reloaded OS DC back in as the child dc again successfully?

Open to other ideas as well.  Thanks.

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i wonder why you would even want a child domain...why not OU control in a single domain?
good point !
Certainly adds to KCTS's redundancy argument - of which i agree with completely
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Sounds like you have a small network, a decent desktop with plenty of RAM should be good enough to be a DC while you rebuild.  

Do you have any member server?  Consider using VMWare to run a temp DC.  Vmware is free. you want to comment on that or shall I? :)
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I agree about the second DC and this is how I understood it as well in terms of hardware and AD protection.

The child domain was to allow for domain level Service Autonomy within our network.  We have two different sets of clients who should have two different password policies, account lockout values, etc.

(i reviewed the technet documentation on achieving autonomy and isolation and found the reasoning)

Thanks for the input