Find if field exists in a dataset


I'm attempting to use Table.FindField('Field2') to determine if a field is  in a table or not.

This works exactly as I would expect if NO fields are defined in the field  editor.

If I define fields with the field editor, FindFields will only find fields in this list.

Is this REALLY the expected result?  If it is, just how DO I determine if a field exists in a table?

I have also tried Table.GetFieldNames(ListBox1.Items);  but the same limitations apply.

Best Wishes
Tony Hunt
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You don't state your method of data access - are you using ADO or BDE tables? If BDE, consider swtiching to ADO as soon as possible as BDE support is getting really old and creaky.

Assuming you're on ADO, try opening the table with a query, then checking qryGenData.FieldList.Fields[x].FieldName for each column value of x.
TonyDelphiHuntAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestion, I'm using neither BDE or ADO. I'm using ADS from Advantage, a client-server solution. However I have tried various data access methods and the same peculiarity appears in all.
It's obviously a 'feature' of Delphis field  editor.

As a workround I've written the enclosed function FieldCheck. Similar principals to your suggestion.

However I'd still like to find a neater solution, without opening another instance of the table.

function TForm1.FieldCheck(oTable:TAdsTable;cField:String): Boolean;
  oTry: TAdsTable;
  oTry := TAdsTable.Create(Self);
  oTry.AdsConnection := oTable.AdsConnection;
  oTry.TableName := oTable.TableName;
  result := not (oTry.FindField(cField) = Nil);

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Try this:
procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
var FieldDef : TFieldDef;
     FieldDef := AdsTable1.FieldDefs.Find('Field2');
     if FieldDef <> nil then

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TonyDelphiHuntAuthor Commented:
Thank you SteveBay, that raises an exception if not found.

Best Wishes

Tony Hunt.
Mike LittlewoodEngineerCommented:
> I have also tried Table.GetFieldNames(ListBox1.Items);  

Don't do it via the table/query object if you want the full list of field names from a table, do it on the database connection of the query/table

   Database1.GetFieldNames( 'table1', ListBox1.Items);
   ADOConnection1.GetFieldNames( 'table1', ListBox1.Items);
TonyDelphiHuntAuthor Commented:
Thanks everybody,

THIS works.... With and without fields being defined in the fields editor...

     if Table.FieldDefs.IndexOf('User1') > -1 then
       ShowMessage('NOT Found') ;

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