onClick behaviour doesn't work with Internet Explorer when used alonside drop down boxes

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This is really bugging me, Firefox works fine but for some reason if I insert the onClick behaviour into a drop down box option, and select the option in Internet Explorer, it doesn't work. I've used radio buttons to see if it was a code issue, but they work with the onClick behaviour no problem.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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on IE you cant put onclick on option element, only select element can listen events, if your attempt is to get the value selected, you can put onchange="valueChanged(this)" at your select element, and use the follow function at JavaScript:

function valueChanged(selectField) {
    var value = selectField.options[selectField.selectedIndex].value;
     alert(" the value is "+value);
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cwichoski gave a good answer to the question. I see no reason to delete this.

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