2-level CSS Horizontal Menu

Does anyone have a good example of a pure CSS horizontal menu that supports sub menus and sub sub menus? Please see xml representation of the menu.

Any help appreciated.  Thanks.  I would have given more points if I had more... Sorry.
   <Menu level='1'>Menu1</Menu>
   <Menu level='1'>Menu2
      <Submenu level='2'>Menu2-Submenu1
          <Subsubmenu level='3'>Menu2-Submenu1-Subsubmenu1</Subsubmenu>
   <Menu level=1'>Menu3
      <Submenu level='2'>Menu2-Submenu2</Submenu>

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David S.Consultant & Challenge SubduerCommented:
I recommend this Suckerfish variant:

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Hi NesFuratu, here's a great resource for menus:


Take a look at this horizontal dropdown with subs:

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David S.Consultant & Challenge SubduerCommented:
Many of the menus at cssplay.co.uk, including the two Daydreams linked to specifically, use a nasty hack to make them work in IE5-6/Win. They only validate because they use conditional comments to only show the invalid nesting to IE5-6/Win. They also use <table>s that would otherwise be unnecessary and are semantically incorrect.
Kravimir, your suggestion contains  csshover.htc, and also uses hacks and conditional comments to allow the code to validate. I'm not sure what your point is; it's a challenge to have a multiple dropdown in pure CSS.
David S.Consultant & Challenge SubduerCommented:
I realize this is a bit of a lecture, but they are important issues, so please bear with me.

I consider CSS hacks to be a necessary evil in many cases, due to the differences in browser implementations, especially of IE5-7. (I'm not saying that you shouldn't try to find better alternatives to them though.) However, markup hacks should be avoided whenever possible. (Why I consider them different comes down to the different purposes of [X]HTML and CSS.) I don't have a problem with conditional comments when used to hide stylesheets from other browsers because they give better control than CSS hacks and, when used with care, are more future proof.

The term "pure CSS" is a misnomer. A stylesheet by itself is useless. You need some structure, often [X]HTML, for the styles to be applied to.

Due to IE5-6's support for the :hover pseudo-class being limited to <a> elements, you need more than just [X]HTML and CSS to make fly-out and drop-down menus work in them. The best way, though support for it will be disabled in some users' browsers, is to use JavaScript/JScript, either directly or through an .htc file. The other way is to use that nasty hack which uses conditional comments and <table>s. (Because JavaScript support isn't always enabled, I recommend people to always have top-level items in navigation menus be actual links and to include a sitemap whenever possible.)
NesFuratuAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your input.  I will try it out tonight and let you both know the results.
NesFuratuAuthor Commented:
Thanks Kravimir and DayDreams.  They're both good solutions.  
NesFuratu, thanks for the points and the excellent grade!
NesFuratuAuthor Commented:
This is another great site to generate the menu for you... No obvious hacks involved it seems.

NesFuratu, nice find.. thank you again:-)
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