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Recommendations for Host to host mywebsite

I need to find a host for a short term test   (1 month) For testing of a web application. Needs to have high bandwidth transfer allowance do not need large storage only 10GB more is fine but I do not need something huge. However the server hardware needs to be at least Dual Core class I need some good processor power.

I need the following
Latest version of PHP
Latest version of MYSQL
Latest version of Apache

I also need to be able to connect to it remotely through SSH so I can upload files backup the database and I need to be able to install applications to the www directory

It needs to be a linux based server preferably Ubuntu if not then CentOS, Fedora,  it cannot be debian, mandrake, Suse, or Gentoo.

I would appreciate any recommendations I am also looking for something this is inexpensive.
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I looked into those. I looked into many hosts for what I want to do they all want a 3 month commitment I am just trying to test an application for like a week. The developer of the app is going to test it on there webserver if that does not work then I will have to do the  3 months with one of the ones you provided. Thanks !