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HP Presario - touchpad stopped working

The touchpad stopped working .. after I attached a wireless keypad and mouse, and will no longer work.

- the laptop normally runs Vista, but has XP installed using drivers for B1900CTO
- it has worked ok for several months
- I have re-run the touchpad install driver program sp33548.exe
- also have tried deleting Synaptics touchpad device and let windows re-discover
- also tried a system-restore to when the touchpad was working
- Device manager reports the touchpad to be installed and working normally
- there doesn't seem to be any output from the Pressure Graph accessory

Is there a soft key for turning the mouse on and off I wonder?

High points for urgent problem.
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I am assuming you're attaching this using a USB port?

"after I attached a wireless keypad and mouse, and will no longer work."

1. Unplug your touchpad.
2. Download the latest driver software from the manufacturer for your operating system.
3. Install the software.
4. Connect the pad and see if it is discovered and if it shows as the software is installed properly when you connect it.
5. If none of this works, you may want to contact the manufacturer of the device as you may have a device that is broken on your hands. If you can connect it to another computer to see if it works on that other system or not.

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The touchpad is built into the laptop, and the device manager description says it is PS/2 ..

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May not apply completely due to running xp now, but it may be very similar. More instructions for the touchpad:
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Thank you Flubbster - I started to try the Fn keys and on the 6th one I hit gold .. Fn-6 turns the touchpad on and off.

glad I could help..

take care..