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how to programatically locate exchange server

Is there a way to programatically locate the ip address or host name of the computer(s) running Exchange Server on the local network.
Thanks for your help.
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Check the DNS for the MX records. Or through ESM, expand the servers node. If you tell me what is your goal i might better help you.
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Thanks for the reply.

I want to send messages (via SMTP) to the Exchange server without having to ask the administrator for the IP address (also if the location changes to be able to figure out where the Exchange server is running). This all needs to be done programatically without relying on any user or the administrator.

With the DNS approach I need to know the domain name and it may be changed on me later.

By ESM do you mean Exchange System Manager - if so, is there a way to interface with it (API) and can it be done remotely (from any PC on the network)?

I do have access to the Active Directory but can't figure out where the information is kept on the Exchange Server's network name and/or location.
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Thanks, found it.