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Wireless limited connectivity until wired network connected

Windows XP Pro (fully patched).
Linksys WRVS4400N
Dell Laptop using built in 54g wireless

I have a wireless/wired network on a WRVS4400N (latest firmware). I am using IP assignment via DHCP on the router (as I need the laptop causing problems to have a fixed IP on this network but dynamic IP when used outside).
Every 1 -2 days, when I switch on the laptop (can be from hibernate or cold start) it will not connect to the wireless network (good signal strength but limited connectivity with no IP assignment). This does not respond to a release/renew.

Tried changing the client lease time to 1day and to 3600 mins without benefit.

If I then connect to a wired connection long enough for the wired connection to get an IP (the assignment for this MAC is different to the one for the wireless) and immediately the wireless connection reaquires its IP address successfully.

Any ideas (it is a pain having to move to the wired area every other day).
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Ensure that you don't have any 2.4 GHz interference. If you just take the laptop to the router without plugging into the router does it still not connect? If not, then....

Logon to router's setup page and try changing wireless channel to 11, go to advanced wireless settings, change channel bandwidth to 40MHz, 11G Tx Rate Limiting to 54MBps...reduce beacon interval to 50, fragmentation and RTS threshold to 2304...check whether it makes any difference or not and let me know.

Good Luck
when you "view avail networks" do you see other wireless networks?  if so, what is there signal strength? also, one of the other wlans may be a 802.11 PreN router, in which it will continue to plague your wireless connection.

check for interference devices on both the laptop and the wireless.  nearby (within 10') interference includes other wireless devices (keyboards, mouse, babky monitors, wireless video, wireless security systems, etc), fluorescent light, microwave, etc. AND any "line of sight" obstructions (e.g., walls, ceilings, equipment, etc).

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Thanks for the feedback. Good to know about the firmware.
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An update:

I had been working with Linksys to get a solution, having now upgraded all clients to Vista (a planned event) the problem now seems to have disappeared. Difficult to work out how that may be (not changed anything on the router and not using IPv6).