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PIX 515e Left-Hand Column Display Cutoff on Show of Startup-Config After TFTP Upload

I have a really strange thing happening on a Cisco PIX 515e that is keeping me from uploading changes to the IOS config.  The PIX runs a 7.0(4) OS with a pretty standard config, that I routinely modify and transfer from a computer using TFTP.  When I login to the PIX (telnet or console) and issue a 'show' command for running-config or startup-config, I see everything displayed and can scroll down after the <==More==> prompt to see the entire config.  That's what I would expect.  However, when I upload any config from my tftp server to the startup-config and try to display the config using the same 'show' command, the entire left-side column of the config is not displayed after the <==More==> prompt.  You just can't see it at all.  Now, if I immediately download the startup-config to the TFTP server, everything looks fine in a text editor, but it has me worried that if I reboot the PIX, the config will be corrupt and the PIX won't reload properly.  Incidentally, you can see the running-config if you display it with no problem, and if you copy the running-config to the startup-config, you can once again see everything properly.

Has anyone ever seen this type of behavior on a PIX before?  Do I have anything to worry about?  Should I just upload the config and reload?  Any help you could give we would be greatly appreciated!
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