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Add windows 2003 R1 DC to 2000 Domain in 2003 R2 Forest - Which DomainPrep?

We have a forest that has been adprep /forestprep'd to 2003 R2, I checked. The domain in question is a 2000 domain. Currently all domain controllers throughout the forest are 2000, but some R2 will be added later in the year (to another domain). I have to add some "new" 2003R1 DC's (the servers do not have r2 licenses) to a domain and want to know :

Which version of adprep/domainprep should I use the r1 version or the r2 version? Or doesn't it matter?

The forest and domains are at 2000 native level

I will then be preping forest for Exchange 2003 (we have Exchange 2000) at the moment
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If you are prep'n the domain for R1 machine,  you would want to use adprep for the r1 version -- on the Schema Master.
You can have a 2000 native or mixed-mode domain with 2000 servers, however, if your're planning on doing any Outlook over HTTPS or RPC / OMA for phones, you're going to have to get the whole domain to 2003 native in order to support the RPC calls.
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Rahul Bansal

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Thanks, prep'd with R2 and 2K3 RTM added successfully.