I am using Vista as my OS and Internet Explorer 7. When I try to remove a certificate as shown in the attached screenshot the REMOVE BUTTON IS GRAYED OUT. Althought this screenshot shows it BOLD which is ok but I am not in front of the machine that I have this problem with at the time I am asking the question. If I am logged on as the Administrator of the desktop what might be the reason the REMOVE BUTTON is GRAYED OUT?
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rrizzo64Author Commented:
Your response is not what I was looking for, however valid to those that are connected to a secured network. But as I already mentioned I am logged on as an administrator and the PC is not connected to a domain it is merely defined as workgroup. It would be great to know how to enable the REMOVE feature but in the mean time I found a work around.

This will open the Certificate Manager and from there I can delete any certificate I need to.

The problem is my original Post is still unanswered. I do not have anymore info at this time because I am the administrator of the local (NO DOMAIN) desktop with GOD RIGHTS :)

b0lsc0ttIT ManagerCommented:
Is this computer in a network with a server that may be setting policy?  When you are the Admin is it local or a network admin account?  If it is with a network then please provide those details.

Servers aren't my expertise but I do believe that could be set by group policy, etc from the server or by the local user.  Depending on how it is set and by whom there may be cases where the user (even an admin but just the wrong one) does not have permissions to change it.  If you will let me know the network setup if any I can try to get an expert from there to verify what I have said (if you want).

Let me know if you have a question or need more info.

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