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Sharing profiles local user and domain user

Hi. I've been using Vista with a local user account. I have all my setting and programs, profile setup quick launch bar etc. Recently I have put my computer on the domain at work. So now I have two profiles; one on the domain and one on the local machine. Is there anyway I can configure them to share the same profile so when I log into either they the setting/changes etc are the same for both. I can't seem to find any info on doing this apart from that it might be possible with the Group Policy? I prefer the 'sharing' profile option rather than copying the local profile to the domain profile so I don't have two profiles. Although I did try to copy the local profile over but it didn't work. When selecting the 'Copy to' destination folder and clicking on 'Ok' it prompted me that it will overwrite the profile (which is what I wanted) I clicked ok and nothing happened the HD light flicker for about 2 seconds and that was it, no dialog nothing.

So to recap. I would like to either log into the computer via the domain (at work) or local machine (at home) and have the same settings.
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Create a new admin account (say admin2 in this example)
- make a folder "c:\copied.admin.profile"
- reboot and log on to the new admin account
- right-click My Computer, left-click Properties
- Advanced(tab)
- User Profiles - Settings(button)
- highlight the admin account you want to duplicate
- Copy To...(button)
- Browse to the "c:\copied.admin.profile" folder and click OK. It's going to tell you the folder already exists etc, click Yes
- reboot and log on as the regular admin
- go to C:\Documents and Settings\admin2 and delete everything it in (your need to have "view hidden files" enabled)
- go to the new profile folder "c:\copied.admin.profile" and copy everything inside that folder
- paste into C:\Documents and Settings\Spider folder

All permissions and registry settings etc. (from original admin) will now be in admin2. Log off and switching users will suffice now
instead of full reboots.

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Hi. Thanks for the info. Are these settings for XP or vista? Vista uses User > [Profile] not Documents & Settings. Also your last instruction C:\Documents and Settings\Spider Spider?
These instructions are for Windows XP
C:Documents and settings\Spider Spider?  (Not sure)
More information :

Duplicate profile.
Log off this one and onto the new one, I wouldnt remove the old or do anything with it until you have achieved your desired outcome.

To create a duplicate of a user profile with a different user name, try this:

Create a new user account

Logon to that account to initialize the newly created profile

Log off from the newly created profile

Login as built-in Administrator

Open Control Panel System applet

Click the Advanced tab

Click Settings under User Profiles

Select a profile to copy from and choose Copy To

Browse to the profile to copy to (C:\Documents and Settings\username)

A new profile is now created which is the duplicate of your user profile.

also Windows XP
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Hi Thanks for the help. I'm sorry your instructions are too disjointed to follow. Can you please re-write them clearly showing which user is which. Use the following:

A = Local User (Has the profile that I want to duplicate)
B = Domain User (Where I want to copy the profile to)
C = Other User that has admin rights.
Would it simply be easier to set the local user account. (The one where I have all my settings) to be on the domain? Can this be done?
Not sure how it works but I've logged onto the local machine but I have access to all the computers on the domain. Which is basicly what I wanted.
Great, it really sounds if you have more knowledge on this subject than I do.
I am back on Expert-Exchange after being gone for quit awhile.
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