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Am I required to use the OEM Preinstallation Kit?


I just bought a legal OEM System Builder One Pack for Vista Ultimate.  I am not a system builder.  I just wanted this for my own personal machine that I built.  Question is:  Do I need to use the OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) before I install Vista?  OR can I just install Vista in a normal old- fashioned way, then activate it.  I know nothing about this OPK.
SP 1 came with it.  I will not even open the package until I am sure, in case I have to return it.
I thought the price was too good to be true.

Thanks in advance

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The OPK is - as it says - only very usefull when having to install multiple machines. If it's for your own computer you can, easily, just use the DVD to install Vista.


P.S. : Did you but the OPK or did you buy a Vista OEM and and OPK with it? Because an OPK holds no license for Vista...
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Hi Michael,

I bought OEM Vista only. A one-pack. Outside of package says I MUST use OPK. It tells me how to go about getting it, which requires me to sign up as a MS partner.  I have not opened package yet, in case I have to return it. If I install this thing for my own use, will I be able to activate it.  I only paid  $169.00 at the reputable Newegg.  But I do not want to use OPK if I do not have to.  Will I be able to do so? And as I expect, down the line when I begin to experiment, I will inevitably crash. what happens then?  No support, no ability to reinstall and re-activate?  If this is true, I need to try and return this for a retail version if they let me.

thanks D616
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Thank you Michael. i believe you have given me my answer, but befor e I close this question for you,  i will experiment with Vista and INEVITABLY crash the system and have to reinstall. Vista.  Is the retail version the better option for a guy like me?  Will this OEM cheap version allow me to reinstall and reactivate Vista without problems? I do not think so. Is retail the better choicefor me, knowing what you now know?  thanks
Than you my friend.  I wonder why no one else responded.  I have been given permission to rerturn this by Newegg as long as it is not open.  I have not decided whether to get the full retail or mess around with this oem version.  Its legal, and not pirated anyway.


There's actually no technical difference between an OEM and/or a FPP version. The only difference is the license type. You can go ahead an "play around" with the OEM, but keep in mind that an OEM-version is bound to a certain computer (the computer you bought the Vista with (or the other way around ;) ). This actually means that if one day that computer dies, your license "dies" with the computer.

Normally you're only allowed to re-activate an OEM-version twice. But when calling the License Desk and telling them you've had to reïnstall the Windows because of some system crashed, they will activate it over the phone.

Good luck!