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Max Open Cursors in Oracle SQL developer.

     I've been using Oracle SQL developer for about 5 months, i'm new to oracle so there is probably a thousand things i'm doing wrong however one thing that is a constant pain is getting the "Maximum Open Cursors Exceeded" error message.

   I get this error when i've been in a session for a while and have been opening tables, switching between views etc (basically just using the thing)

  I have to then end the application and reopen it which, when you're in the middle of something is a huge pain.

  So, my question.

  What IS all this max open cursors stuff?
  Why does it happen?
  How can i stop  it happening?

  As i said, i'm new to all this oracle stuff and am trying to be extra diplomatic with the DBAs so as not to annoy them too much so i don't really want to be constantly asking them questions (hence coming here!)

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in short:
ORA-01000:      maximum open cursors exceeded
Cause:      A host language program attempted to open too many cursors. The initialization parameter OPEN_CURSORS determines the maximum number of cursors per user.
Action:      Modify the program to use fewer cursors. If this error occurs often, shut down Oracle, increase the value of OPEN_CURSORS, and then restart Oracle.

note: I am use SQL Developer also, and did not yet run into that issue...
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Thanks for that but i'm not sure it's really answered my question.

As an example, I could double click on a table to view it's contents, then click "refresh" a good few times and then get that error even though i've only been clicking refresh.

If the problem is too many open cursors then how do i "close" them? Why does clicking refresh Open a cursor?

I'm rally new to all this so i apologise if i'm asking stupid questions...
I do actually use v 1.2 ... you might consider upgrading?
In your case I will as soon as possible download the latest version of
SQLDeveloper. It is a Java based product and there are a plenty of bugs.
Even new versions some times fail to execute ordinary selects. I use it
at the University for my students and last Saturday SQL*Developer (middle aged
version) fails to run SELECT  TO_CHAR(sysdate,'.....') FRom dual;
As every Java product it looses control over the opened connections and threads.
So go ahead to the new version!
Ok, I've installed that. I'll see how i get on.
Nope, it's still happening...

What more info should i provide?
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