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How to organize my website for my members

I was assigned to manage our web. The problem that I am not familiar with such projects. We want to insert an online services. On to manage members and the other to manage visitors or sick people. I am facing a problem that I can not communicate with our programmers with our needs. There are many things to say..but I do not know the default that it should be their for such services.
So I need your help on this issue.

By default for mbership system:
1-      Template for user information.
2-      Password recovery template&.
I am sure that there are many things that should be configured by default for any mbership system that will be fit online.

Another issue is to design an application that will help sick people to inter their information online&and the doctors from outside can login and see the profiles&again the other staff can login and change it or leave it.

I need to know the right procedures that the web designer will put in such cases..
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You see your problem as defining the best way to communicate your needs to the IT people.
I would suggest that you simply go to the head of the IT department, and tell him/her that you are in charge of the project and that you need his/her assistance to drive it successfully.

You know what users need, you know which information must stay confidential. IT people know how to implement that. Just sit and chat.
Depending on the size of the project, the IT guy might provide you with some internal or external assistance, which will assist and advise you. You are in charge and thus you, not IT people, will decide what should be done. IT people will warn you if your requirement is too extreme and might create a financial problem...

This is a business with partners. Don't trust them blindly, but show that you trust them.
If you master none of the technical details, don't try to! Your subject is very delicate because of the needed privacy. An error you might do would have significant consequences and might even lead to legal problems...
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Hi Fibo,

I do what U say but the problem that they said at least put the default services and templates for any web site?
which kind of serivece they shuld employ?
U see this is my problem.
They do not have any experience on this issue...and we are very small organization.

As I heared that there are special drawings that can help the programr to understand the idea...
Any help on this issue will be appreciated.

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Bernard Savonet
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