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Sales order processing document inquiry

I'm trying to look at a record in SQL that is in the Sales Order Processing Document Inquiry screen.  I have no clue what table to look in.  I think I've hit all the SOP tables and I would think thats where this would reside but I cant find it for the life of me.  I guess it houses the records that hasnt been posted yet somewhere else.  Just to be clear this is how I get to the screen the record is in.  

Inquiry/Sales/Sales Documents.

The whole reason for this is that a manager wants to know who created this record so if you happen to know how I find that out as well that would rock!
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Thanks that worked out perfect!  I swear I looked in every SOP table and couldnt find the thing...  
I tried to accept this answer on Friday but I saw your comments this morning and it dosent look like it took it.  Thanks again for the help!