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Oracle 9i Audit Trail is True, but sys.aud$ table is not capturing data

Hi, I  have enabled auditing in an Oracle 9i instance, but the sys.aud$ table is still showing zero rows.  I have set the value of audit_trail = TRUE.  This has worked fine for me in other Oracle 9i instances, but not here.  I am able to describe the sys.aud$ table now that auditing is enabled, but if I do a count it returns zero rows.  Sys.aud$ is completely empty and there has been lots of traffic on the database.  There have been many logins as well.  Any assistance you can provide will be appreciated.

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You might also check the AUDIT_FILE_DEST parameter.  If it is set to a directory, it will put audit records to the operating system... I'm pretty sure if it is set to "DB" it will store in the SYS.AUD$ table.
@joebednarz: the author said he has AUDIT_TRAIL=TRUE, which is identical to AUDIT_TRAIL=DB, so no OS logging :-)