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QuickVPN - RVS4000 - Hangs on "Verifying Network" - CAN ping Remote LAN - CANNOT view Remote LAN Devices = Times Out

Where to start.. I'm just going to write everything.. More is better, right? I'm the type of person to read, read, read.. try, try, try until I hit a wall. Well, the wall is here in front of me.. AND I NEED ASSISTANCE..
As always, Please & Thank you in Advanced!!!!!
(If I miss any detail.. I'm here and will be on top of this question for communication to all that try and help)

-- Purchased RVS4000 Routers - Has Latest Firmware = 1.1.14
-- Configured Router for VPN Client PassThrough
-----IPSec = Enabled
-----PPTP = Enabled
-----L2TP = Enabled
-- VPN Client Accounts = YES (2 of them)
-- IPSec VPN = I haven't changed or setup any settings here - I'm under the impression that QuickVPN and accounts takes care of setting a manual tunnel (??)
-- Firewall (Router)
----- Enabled 'Remote Management' (I'll explain later what Linksys & Cisco have done for me - I have communicated with both)
------ Enabled HTTPS
-- Download QuickVPN - Versions ( &
-- Tested Connection with & without Windows XP Firewall (When on - configured TCP ports 443, 445, 60433 & 60445 to allow traffic)
-- NOW, I've been able to connect from a Windows 2K box using and browse LAN without really doing anything.. SWEET - But, the connections need to be established from XP Pro Laptops
-- Ummm... Watched Netstat along the way to see what ports are trying to communicate.. They change on the client all the time - 1090 - 1095 : 1101 - 1110 : 1570 -1580 .. On the host sided = 443, 445 and others.. I'll have to go back on my notes..

Now, as I mentioned above.. I have spoke with Linksys.. Man, this process is TOUGH!.. But, for all those who thought California support was gone.. IT'S NOT! (1.949.856.8128) is an extension for a tech I've spoke with - If you try in the range of 8120 - 8130, you will get someone.. But, you need a case number from generic Malaysia Linksys support (Brutal!).. Also, you could call HQ for Linksys (1.949.823.3000) and request a Case Manager return contact to you..   Anyway, I needed to publish that for all those who may need it.. BUT, back to the support.. Well, I've really only had one conversation, then plenty of voice mails updating (I'm EST). I gave all the info (WAN IP - router user/pass - VPN Client user/pass - LAN IP's and user/pass to view - LAN IP's to ping). SO, I'm waiting for a detailed response from the latest voicemail, but the tech was able to connect from the lap with a Windows XP Pro box.. Which, at this time, relieves me to know it works, but doesn't help with me getting these XP Pro laptops to work.

But, to reiterate..  The QuickVPN hangs on 'Verifying Network', but while that is happening, I CAN ping within the remote LAN.. Our Server, Printer servers, NAS, PCs.. BUT, I can't ping the router.. And that is what, I believe, the reason why it hangs and fails..

This is a very long introduction.. So, I'm going to stop & post.. Again, ask more questions as needed.. I'm at my deadline with this, so I'll be all over this thread, waiting & anticipation assistance..
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8/22/2022 - Mon

So the remote location you are trying to reach has a network range of Is that the same network range you are on? Is your default gateway the same as the one you are trying to reach? If all of this is true, then try changing it up a little. The router on the remote side is obviously configured correctly. Take the laptop somewhere else, like a hotspot and see if you can connect. If so, the problem is in the local router config.

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Thank God the admins left this solution up. I've been stuck on this one for hours. Award yourself the points!
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