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Auto printer install

I have a few computers that I would like to have automatically connect to a network printer when anyone logs on to these systems.  How can I accomplish this?
Windows XPWindows Server 2003

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8/22/2022 - Mon

Although the link states XP it should be valid for creating a login script which you can assign through Group Policy. Create a simple login script to assign the printers you wish. When the user logs in the script runs and maps printers. Quick and easy.

there are 2 other ways

if you have an 2K3 R2 server you can use the deployed printers extension

or you can use a vbs script (my favorite)
Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
objNetwork.AddWindowsPrinterConnection "\\server\printer"

m   a  r    c

if the printer is already available on all the computers, open control panel>>printers>>right click on the printer you want the computer to use>>click set as default printer.

now that computer will automatically print from that printer.
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if my last solution does not fix it and johans doesnt then take these steps

the computer it is wired to (i am assuming that it is wired to one of the computers)
i will call the one it is wired to Computer 1

1) make sure the printer is set up and running fine on the computer it is wired to.
2) from computer 1 open control panel>>>printers
3) locate printer you want to share and right click on it and select sharing.
4) make sure there is a check mark in the box next to "share this printer"
5) give the shared printer a name.
6) check the box that says render print jobs on client computer, (optional but that is what i have mine set up as) click "OK"

Now move to the remaining computers and open the printer folder as well,
1) control panel>>>printers
2) in top left hand column click on add printer
3) when wizard opens up click next for xp (vista just move to step 4)
4) choose a "network printer or a printer connected to another computer" and click next(vista says network or bluetooth)
5) select "browse for a printer" instead of trying to to enter it in yourself, and click next (vista move to 8)
6) locate the workgroup name that the computer 1 is on and open the sub menu
7) locate the name of the computer 1 and open the submenu
8) select the printer you just named in step 5 above and click next, (it may give u a message about installing print drivers, just click "OK"
9) you will be asked if u want to make this your default printer. If this is the main printer u will be using from your laptop click yes,  then click next. (xp)
10) you have successfully connected to printer
11) try to print something.

if none of that works then post a couple screen shots for me

go to the computer 1 and take 2 screen shots for me

click start and right click on my computer.click properties. advanced system settings(vista), computer name. take screen shot.

now open control panel>>hardware>>>printers right click on the printer you want to share, click sharing
take screen shot

lol or you can just take one screen shot with both windows visible

now open the properties  for  "my computer"  on computer 2 and click computer name, take screen shot

go back to step 7 on computer 2machine and take a screen shot, post those up here for me to look at.

i just want to see how everything is set up. then mabey we can get somewhere

Any of the above solutions work?